Flexibility and Reliability


Flexibility and Reliability since 1991


Dialog Plus Computer System Ltd.

Dialog Plusz Számítástechnikai Kft.


In today’s challenging economic environment, only those businesses who put a great deal of emphasis on satisfying client needs are really successful. Our success at the Dialog Plus Group is based on the fact that client satisfaction always has first priority in our company philosophy. We ensure a high standard of quality service by employing only the best people; providing continuous training for all our employees; and by having a quality assurance and monitoring program. In addition, we are continually developing and diversifying our range of services in order to meet the needs of our clients.



Dialog Plus Audit Ltd.

Dialog Plusz Audit Kft.


Since 1996, our company has been doing auditing for the public sector (municipal and state authorities) and the private sector (institutions in the money and capital markets). Our core activities are: auditing, tax consulting, and IT audit services. Our additional services are: property and asset valuation auditing; financial counseling for new companies, and auditing consolidated financial statements for company group activities. We aim to provide high standard services, which give a true and transparent picture of a company’s business activities and financial health. We also assist the state government by auditing on-going projects which are funded by EU grants.