Data Entry and Data Processing


We have been doing data entry, data processing, and related administrative work for more than twenty years.


Fast, accurate, and reliable work completed to deadlines.

We provide:
  • complex and comprehensive data processing services
  • on-demand data processing
  • long-term continous data processing
  • invoicing based on piece work or hours of work as agreed in a contract
We place special emphasis on:
  • data security and privacy protection
  • continuous quality and productivity monitoring
  • respecting and keeping the terms agreed in our SLA agreement
  • performing quality management functions throughout the whole process

We have been continuously employing more than a 100 data entry specialists in recent years. This ensures that we are ready to meet the needs of our clients at any time and we provide experienced and reliable workers to meet the requirements of our business partners, at all times.
Our managers are all well qualified with with many years of experience, so they are capable of directing and managing the work and the employees on-site, and can handle any issues that may arise.