Call Center Management – Related Services


“The secret to a satisfied customer is providing efficient and effective service.”

Dialog Plus Group can help you to achieve this goal.

Call centres still play an important and vital role in client servicing today, in spite of the growing emphasis on online and computer based communication. We believe that this is because many customers still want to hear a friendly and helpful voice on the other end of the line and be able to talk to a person who is willing and capable of helping them.

We know that one of the main concerns that our clients have is to provide the highest quality of service possible and we can help them achieve this goal by helping with call centre management and related supporting services. We have been helping and supporting our clients in this area for more than 10 years.

The services we can provide cover any and all possible requirements that a new or already operating call centre may have, including: the recruitment and training of new staff, continuous training of existing staff, the management of existing call centers, and the planning and development of new call centres as well as new call center systems. From conception to being fully operational, we can assess the market, plan and develop the set up, equip and start up operations, and after that we can manage and run a continuous operation, including coaching and quality assurance monitoring.


You tell us what you need – we can do the rest!

If you want to start up and operate a call centre, we can do the following:

  • plan, develop and fully equip a call centre from start
  • recruit specialized call centre operators and supervisors
  • organize the training packages, and deliver the appropriate training
  • manage and ensure continuous and problem-free operation
  • conduct quality assurance monitoring according to the prescribed ISO standards

If you are already operating a call-centre, with fluctuating demands, and do not always have the capacity to give the expected standard of service, we can assist you by:

  • providing professional staff (call centre operators, supervisors, etc) to fill short or long term needs
  • deliviring prompt service, within 2 to 3 days of being notified and assessing needs
  • taking care of staff recruitment and preparation for the job
  • handling of all HR administrative work (including legal paper work and payroll processing)