Financial Auditing – Compliance Auditing – Comprehensive Auditing


The main purpose of financial auditing is to determine the soundness of the financial decision making and to asses the financial health of a business entity. In order to do this, an auditor has to evaluate the validity of the information and documentation provided, and assess if the accounting shows a true and valid picture of the company. In addition, an auditior has to ensure that all legal requirements have been met. Auditors look at a company’s annual report, financial statements and consolidated financial statements, if necessary, in order to conduct an audit and make a well-informed assessment of the situation.


According to the relevant Hungarian legislation, auditing can only be performed by a person who is a member in good standing of the Hungarian professional association, called the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors (Magyar Könyvvizsgálói Kamara) or they have to work for a firm that is a member of this association.


Our auditors are qualified, experienced and reliable professionals. Their professionalism is our guarantee that assignments are always completed accordig to client expectations, and at the same, work is conducted in an objective way in order to show a true and transparent picture in any given situation.
Most of our professional auditors have expertise in different fields, for example financing, law, or Information Technology, and they all have several years of experinece.

In addition to auditing, our firm also provides the following services: completion of annual income tax returns, annual inventory and stock taking activities, and compiling annual financial statements and reports.