HR Recruitment


Our main goal when recruiting employees for our clients is to create a mutually beneficial environment so that the very best possible results can be achieved; in other words, to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

We send only those candidates who have been selected after careful screening, according to the criteria and expectations we receive from our clients. Candidates are assessed regarding their the education, skills, capabilities, and experience, and we send a minumum of three candidates from which our clients can choose the right employee(s).


We guarantee the following – for our clients:
  • the sourcing and selection of only well qualifed, professional candidates
  • a high-level of HR servicing from our side
  • to invoice clients only if the candidates we refer are found suitable and hired
  • to send other potential candidates as replacement, if an employee we refer proves to be unsuitable in the first six months
We guarantee the following – for job seekers:
  • registry in our database
  • matching potential positions to your qualifications and background
  • carrier development counselling